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Creating the Perfect Soundtrack for your Wedding...


If you’ve figured out by now that music is the key to a great wedding, you’re right: it’s the secret ingredient of every great wedding. The right song at the right time can evoke strong feelings and help solidify memories of the day long after the last dance.

Unfortunately, many couples don’t focus as much attention on their musical program as they do on picking out a reception hall, or florist. Too often, they leave crucial music decisions to their DJ or band. This can be a huge mistake, according to wedding music experts Gloria Sklerov and Barbara Rothstein, professional songwriters who set romance to music for films and TV, and are creators of

“While flowers, clothes and decor may make a wedding ‘look’ beautiful, it’s well planned music that makes a wedding ‘feel’ beautiful” says Sklerov, who has won multiple Emmys for wedding songs featured on daytime TV and has written songs for Sinatra, Cher and other top artists.

Think about weddings you’ve attended. How did you measure their success? Probably by whether you had a good time...or not. Top wedding coordinators know that music is the ‘good-time-factor’ of a wedding. People have a good time when they can participate, and feel connected to it all. It’s a good sign when guests get up to dance frequently and when they’re sharing in the emotions of sentimental moments like father/daughter, mother/son dances, etc. When the music is dull or constantly intrusive, and there’s little involvement and interaction among the guests, chances are they’re waiting for the right time to say goodbye.

Sklerov and Rothstein realized that couples have ‘no way of knowing what they don’t know’ and really do need expert music planning guidance and information to plan a successful wedding program. Thanks to them, brides and grooms everywhere have access to expert know-how and a step-by-step planning system with their book, “How To Set Your Wedding To Music,” the complete wedding music guide and planner. Here are some of their tips for a memorable event:


Create a Plan: Visualize your wedding as a film, and think about the songs that would coordinate best with the scenes that unfold. For example, imagine the processional, the unity candle ceremony, the father/daughter dance, the mother/son dance, or even a special tribute to an important person in your life as you listen to sound clips of songs written especially for those moments.

Stay Organized: Keep a notebook and jot down songs you’ve heard or ideas you’ve gathered. Then, when you finalize your choices and discuss them in detail with your band or DJ you can consider their suggestions without feeling pressured.

Book Your DJ or Band: Once you know your date, book as soon as possible. DJs and bands have distinct advantages and disadvantages. DJs are usually less expensive, take up less space and offer playback of original songs by original artists. Bands can provide live sound and make any occasion seem elegant. Generally however, they are costly and your songs will be interpreted by the band, not necessarily performed with the ‘feel’ you like or are used to.

Go Beyond the Boring and Basic: Happily for the thousands of brides and grooms who’ve discovered weddingmusiccentral. com, there’s no reason for wedding music to be dull or ineffectual. The Web site offers an exclusive line of music CDs created especially for weddings by Grammy and Emmy-winning writers, artists and producers, plus in-depth expert planning articles. The CDs feature exciting contemporary arrangements of classical ceremony favorites and pop standards, fresh new wedding songs for Fathers & Daughters, Mothers & Sons, and other special relationships including stepparents, and families of second marriages.

“When writing for film and TV,” says Rothstein, “we had to master the art of enhancing each scene with the right touch of emotion ... adding to the significance of important moments.” Their unique special songs such as “My Little Girl”, “The Man You’ve Become” and “Yours, Mine & Ours” for fathers and daughters, mothers and sons and other relationships have gone on to become popular favorites for weddings.

Keep Your Guests in Mind: Consider the tastes of your guests. Make sure singles and older guests can enjoy the music as well. Include timeless standards and music of different eras that all guests will enjoy.


In addition to the music that is played on your special day, songs and sentiments can be sent in advance of your wedding and afterward as well. You can ‘send more than a card ... you can send a song’ with the unique musical ideas that Sklerov and Rothstein offer with their Personalized CD Singles line:

• “Save the Date” CDs — featuring the classic “Chapel of Love” and your save-the-date information imprinted directly on the CD. Send them to your guests in lieu of the standard save-the-date card.

• Personalized Gift CD Singles — a selection of songs for mom, dad or even bridesmaids and maids of honor. You can express personal sentiments for your parents and friends with a special song they’ll love.

• CD Thank You ‘Notes’ — The wedding thank you song, “Thank You For Your Gift Of Love” with your names imprinted on each CD is an original ‘musical’ way to say ‘thank you’ instead of sending an ordinary thank you card.

For more great tips on wedding music or to order any of the unique musical items mentioned above, visit

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