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Cops and Courts

UPDATE: Police think ex is holding woman against her will

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    The home at 128 Charles Court in Elyria was searched after a woman was reported missing Monday.


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    Roy E. Owens


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    Linnea Satterfield



ELYRIA — Michele Plumley would like to think her sister Linnea Satterfield is out there somewhere unharmed, but she also believes Satterfield’s ex-boyfriend, Roy E. Owens Jr., is dangerous and capable of the worst.


Roy E. Owens


Satterfield, 56, was reported missing by Plumley on Monday. When police searched Owens’ house, they determined a struggle had taken place and blood was found on the ground.

“I had felt he was just dangerous,” Plumley said during an interview at her home. “There was something just not right about him. I always felt that way about him and I never really cared for him.”

Arrest warrants have been issued against Owens, 56, who police believe has fled the area and is holding his ex-girlfriend against her will. After conferring with the Lorain County Prosecutor’s Office, Elyria police detectives have signed arrest warrants against Owens on charges of felonious assault, a second-degree felony, and domestic violence, a fourth-degree felony.

The domestic violence charge was upgraded to a felony based on Owens’ prior conviction for second-degree assault in Oregon.

Owens is believed to be driving a gold 2001 Buick LeSabre four-door vehicle with rear license plate GQM-3434.

The whereabouts of Owens and Satterfield were unknown Tuesday.

Police said Owens should be considered armed and dangerous. The public is asked to call 911 immediately if they see Satterfield or Owens.

Plumley, 59, told The Chronicle-Telegram that Satterfield had dated Owens for about 10 years. The two attended Elyria High School and decades ago had been high school sweethearts, Plumley said.

After high school Satterfield and Owens drifted apart, Plumley said, and Satterfield went on to marry another man who later died. Satterfield then took custody of a stepdaughter.

The relationship between Satterfield and Owens faltered, however, and Satterfield recently closed on a house at 148 Eastern Heights Blvd. and moved out of the home she had shared with Owens at 128 Charles Court.

Plumley said Satterfield and Owens’ relationship had become strained over the past several months over problems she preferred not to talk about, and Satterfield officially ended their relationship in June.

“My sister paid for almost all the appliances and fixtures in the house they shared on Charles Court,” Plumley said. “She wanted Roy to reimburse her for these things or else she was going to take them with her. I just kept telling her to just leave and that it was just stuff and not worth all the grief.”

Plumley said Satterfield and Owens were churchgoers and neither drank or did drugs. However, she claimed Owens was controlling and emotionally abusive and he had a dark side.

“His hobbies are porn and writing sermons,” Plumley said.

Plumley also said Owens and Satterfield were “survivalists” who believed people should be ready for an impending social collapse. They stocked canned goods and had bags ready with supplies if they needed to leave in a hurry, plus Owens hid a couple thousand dollars in his car for emergency use.

Plumley said she spent most of the day Monday with Satterfield and the two went shopping at Home Depot, loaded some things into the back of Satterfield’s car and ate lunch. Plumley said Satterfield then asked her to come to Charles Court to pick a few things up.

The two parted ways, and Plumley said one of Satterfield’s friends called her about 7 p.m. to ask if she’d heard from Satterfield.

Plumley found it odd that the friend, who spoke to Satterfield daily, couldn’t reach her sister. She then headed to the Eastern Heights Boulevard Home and noticed the back seats in Satterfield’s car were folded down and there were some items in the back.

Plumley believes Satterfield went back to Charles Court alone because the seats had not been folded down earlier in the day.

Plumley said she then noticed her sister’s purse on the passenger seat. She banged on the doors of the home and got no response.

Plumley said she initially hadn’t thought about calling her sister’s cell phone, but when she did she heard the phone ringing and found it in the dryer vent on the side of a neighbor’s house. Police were then called.

“I started to get a really bad feeling,” Plumley said.

Police checked the Eastern Heights Boulevard home and didn’t find Satterfield and also said nothing appeared be disturbed. Plumley said the shoes Satterfield had been wearing were next to the fireplace, and her electric cigarette, which she always had with her, was on the counter.

Because of the circumstances and at Plumley’s request, officers checked Charles Court for Satterfield. When they arrived the front door was unlocked but no one was inside, police said, and it appeared a struggle had taken place.

Plumley said police told her they found a knife inside the Charles Court home with blood on it. She said Satterfield also had installed a camera in the Charles Court bedroom that she said picked up audio of a fight.

Plumley said she was told the amount of blood spilled wasn’t enough to indicate someone had been severely wounded.

“I pray to God he’s holding her somewhere,” Plumley said. “But I’ll be honest I don’t even like saying what I think. How can you know someone for so long and then they do something like this?”

Neighbors of the Charles Court home described Owens as a nice guy on Tuesday.

Marisa Goodman said Owens would give her son candy all the time. She had seen the police on her street but hadn’t read the news yet.

Another neighbor, Goldie Nutt, said she could often hear the couple fighting.

“The fights were inside, outside; you could hear her clear across the street,” Nutt said. “I wouldn’t even yell at my dog the way she yelled at him.”

Nutt said Owens was social with neighbors, but Satterfield mostly kept to herself.

Both neighbors said they were aware Satterfield and Owens were separating and believed Satterfield had a new boyfriend.

Nutt’s theory is that Owens “snapped” when Satterfield started moving her stuff.

“I feel bad for both parties involved,” Nutt said. “He told us they’d been together over 25 years. They’re relationship started to deteriorate.”

Anyone with information about Owens or Satterfield’s whereabouts should call 911 immediately.

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