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Woman accused of fatal stabbing pleads not guilty; siblings mourn victim


LORAIN — Siblings of Kelby Jackson, who died after allegedly being stabbed by accused murderer Angela Davidson, spoke of their brother’s life and death Wednesday.

Davidson, 32, pleaded not guilty to a charge of murder Tuesday in Lorain Municipal Court and was given $500,000 bond. Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.


Angela Davidson


Kelby Jackson was the youngest of three siblings, and his sister Michelle Smith and brother Kevin Jackson Jr. said he was a man who had faults, but he was still a good father, son and sibling.

“He had a good heart, and he loved his family and children,” Smith said.

Smith said while growing up Kelby Jackson was your typical younger brother. She described him as “annoying” when he was a kid, but he was always the apple of his mother’s eye.

“He was like any other kid who got into trouble and had his ways,” Smith said. “He often hung with the wrong people, but he was still a good kid with a good heart. He loved my mom, and he was always up under her. She babied him because that was her baby.”

Kevin Jackson Jr. said Kelby Jackson liked sports, fishing with their father and making music. He laughed when he described his brother as the only person he knows who liked cleaning, and the only sibling who would gladly help their mother clean the house or rearrange her room.


Kelby Jackson


Kelby Jackson worked various construction jobs, Kevin Jackson Jr. said, and was mostly a quiet person.

“Despite any struggles he was going through, he was always able to keep a smile,” he said.

Kevin Jackson Jr., a minister for House of Healing Church, said his brother, whom he described as a “believer,” came to him as both an older brother and minister for guidance.

“Even if he was down, he tried to encourage others,” Kevin Jackson Jr. said. “He tried to be a good person, and his issues didn’t come until later in life. He had made some mistakes, and he knew that. He tried to correct himself and live right.”

Kevin Jackson Jr. said his brother leaves behind three children — Aniya, 3, Kelby Jr., 2 and Abigail White, 1 — and the oldest knows something is wrong.

“His oldest definitely has been asking about her father, and she has an idea, but she doesn’t truly understand what happened, other than that her dad is not there,” he said.

Both Smith and Kevin Jackson Jr. said their parents told them Davidson, who they said has a substance abuse problem and was living in various places, was drinking throughout the day leading up to the stabbing.

Smith said Kelby Jackson texted her earlier in the day to say he was fed up with Davidson’s behavior, and he intended to leave the house. Smith said the pair was in a relationship since the summer, but in recent months the relationship was strained.

Smith said she’s been trying to figure out in her mind what led Davidson to stab her brother. She believes Davidson caught Kelby Jackson completely off guard and stabbed him because he was going to leave.

“When I went to my mom’s house later that night, after everything was done, he had his towels, his undergarments and everything in the bathroom,” Smith said. “I assume he was in there getting ready to go, and she knew it. There was alcohol, jealousy and rage, and she couldn’t take it. I think she opened up that bathroom door and he turned around, and I think she stabbed him.”

Smith and Kevin Jackson Jr. said their parents, Kevin Jackson Sr. and Leyda Jackson, had told them the pair had argued earlier in the day, but there were no physical altercations, including just prior to the stabbing.

Kevin Jackson Jr. said his father told Davidson she was violating her probation by drinking and that he’d let her stay at the house to sober up for the night, but he wanted her out the next day.

When the stabbing occurred at the Jacksons’ Euclid Avenue residence, Kevin Jackson Jr. said his brother entered his father’s room and simply said he had been stabbed.

“My brother just came to my dad’s door and said, ‘Dad, she stabbed me,’” Kevin Jackson Jr. said. “He was bleeding and getting dizzy, so my dad grabbed him around the head and waist and laid him down on the floor, and my mom called 911.”

Kevin Jackson Jr. said the death has been hard on his parents. His father wakes up hearing the words his son spoke about being stabbed, and his mother and father held their youngest child as he died.

“They experienced him taking his last breath,” Kevin Jackson Jr. said. “It’s been hard on my mom because she was there as his eyes rolled back and she tapped him telling him to wake up.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family with funeral expenses. Donations can be made by visiting

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