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Woman escapes home with baby; husband charged


LORAIN — A man who tried to trap his wife and infant daughter inside their house on Saturday chased them down the street when they escaped, according to police.

Wilson Haugh, 43, was charged with domestic violence, unlawful restraint and disrupting public service around 8 p.m. Saturday in front of his house on the 3400 block of Crehore Street.

Haugh’s wife, Julie Haugh, told police that her husband had a bad temper and went into a fit of rage Saturday. He threw kitchenware at her, turned over a stove and smashed a glass table, according to the police report. When Julie Haugh tried to call for help, Wilson Haugh grabbed the phone from her hand and smashed it on the ground, she told police.

Julie Haugh grabbed their infant daughter and tried to leave, but Wilson Haugh blocked the entrance and pushed her away from the door, according to the report. Julie Haugh was able to move around him and run out of the house and down the sidewalk with Wilson Haugh chasing her. He grabbed her and their daughter in an attempt to carry them back to the house but Julie Haugh was able to escape again and find refuge in her relative’s van, which was parked nearby, according to the report.

Police arrived to find Julie Haugh in the van and Wilson Haugh pacing the street outside, walking towards a police officer “as if trying to taunt him into a fight,” according to the report.

Officers handcuffed Wilson Haugh who started yelling “don’t you dare detain me,” according to the report.

Wilson Haugh was taken to Lorain City Jail where he was being held on Monday.


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