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Browns QB Brandon Weeden calls Sports Illustrated series on Oklahoma State "comical," says he never received money


BEREA – Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden this morning called Sports Illustrated’s expose on widespread corruption at Oklahoma State “comical.” The first part of the series was released Tuesday.

“I’ve read the first story that came out and literally I laughed throughout the entire thing,” said Weeden, who was the starter in 2011 when Oklahoma State won the Big 12 and a BCS bowl game. “First of all, clean slate, I didn’t take any money or do anything like that.”

The Sports Illustrated five-part series quotes several former players and details a series of NCAA violations from 2001-11 that include boosters and coaches paying players and academic fraud. Weeden was with the Cowboys for five years, leaving after 2011.

“The guys that they did question were not very good sources to question because they are kids that got kicked off the team for drugs or for whatever it might be,” Weeden said. “They were dismissed and so these are guys that aren’t real credible.”

Weeden also questioned the objectivity of Thayer Evans, who shared the byline with George Dohrmann.

“The guy who wrote the article has always had it out for Oklahoma State,” Weeden said. “He’s got a track record. You can go look it up. The truth will come out. I’m surprised.

“Here’s what I’m surprised about is that a credible institution like Sports Illustrated would do 10 months of investigation and they have no credible facts to go along with the story.”

Weeden said he never received any money or saw anyone else get paid. He said coach Mike Gundy and Boone Pickens, the university’s chief benefactor, make it a priority to follow NCAA rules.

“Coach Gundy does an unbelievable job of running a clean program, and he takes a lot of pride in that,” Weeden said. “Mr. Pickens is all about keeping everything clean and playing by the rules and doing the right thing. In my five years there, I saw nothing but that.

“It was a very clean-run organization, no wrongdoings of anything that I ever saw and that goes back to when I was a freshman, 23 years old.

“I’m not naive enough to think that stuff doesn’t go on at other universities, but I have to say that I never saw anything go on and it’s comical. It really is and I can’t wait to read the other four, I really can’t.”

The corruption reportedly started under then-coach Les Miles, an Elyria native.


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