Get Your Ride Ready for Spring Road Trips

With spring just around the corner, that familiar anticipation of warmer weather and long Sunday drives with the windows down has returned. After a long winter of cold temperatures and likely snowfall, getting outside and driving in the warm sum is a luxury drivers across the country have earned.

But as enjoyable as that first Sunday drive can be, it can also prove disastrous for vehicle owners who don't prepare their cars or trucks before hitting the open road. AMSOIL INC., the industry leader in motor oil, offers the following tips to drivers about to ready their ride for that first warm weather road trip of the season.

* Give your car a fresh start. Many men, women and children feel rejuvenated once the warm air of spring finally arrives. Vehicle owners can give their cars and trucks a similar fresh start with a few simple changes to their vehicle maintenance routine.

One way drivers can make a profound impact on their vehicles this season is to address the lubricants they use to keep their car running strong. Unbeknownst to many vehicle owners, conventional motor oils slow starting rpm while restricting oil flow to critical engine parts and increasing wear on bearings and rings. However, synthetic motor oils provide significant performance benefits over their conventional counterparts thanks in large part to their superior resistance to varnish and sludge development. That superior resistance enables engines to run cleaner with synthetics, providing better fuel economy for those long Sunday drives while offering more wear protection in the meantime.

* Routinely check tire pressure. Poorly inflated tires are often a silent assassin. While nearly everyone can hear a clunky engine or notice smoke coming out from underneath a vehicle's hood, few people ever recognize that their tires are poorly inflated. That's unfortunate, as poorly inflated tires force the engine to work harder, decreasing fuel efficiency and taxing the engine as a result. But keeping tires properly inflated is a snap. Simply consult your vehicle manual for recommended tire pressure, and keep the tires at the recommended level. Though it might not seem like much, drivers will instantly notice a difference in their vehicle's performance, particularly when they hit the open road and put the pedal to the metal.

* Stick to your maintenance schedule. Drivers tend to drive more once the weather starts warming up. With no snow on the ground and warm air to fill up the car, a road trip is far more attractive in the warmer months than it is when winter is rearing its ugly head.

Vehicle owners can keep their cars running strong this spring by strictly adhering to their vehicle maintenance schedule. This has even gotten easier in recent years, as many vehicle manufacturers are suggesting longer intervals between tune-ups and oil changes, resulting in less trips to the mechanic.

Sticking to the maintenance schedule can also make those Sunday drives more enjoyable. For example, synthetic motor oils can greatly improve a vehicle's performance by reducing friction and wear, making a vehicle more fun to drive while increasing its engine's life expectancy at the same time.

* Give your car a good wash. Every vehicle owner wants their car to look good, especially when warm weather arrives and jaunts to the beach become the norm. But a car wash can not only benefit a car's appearance, it can also help boost its performance.

Over the course of a typical winter, salt, slush, dirt, and grime tend to buildup the more a vehicle navigates its way through snow- or ice-covered roads. A thorough car wash can remove these unwanted deposits, while also clearing away break dust that can erode wheel surface. Removing these uninvited guests can also help a car run more smoothly, improving fuel efficiency and saving drivers money along the way.

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