7 Green Interior Car Care Tips

Making green changes to the way you care for your vehicle extends beyond the type of fuel you use or keeping your tires properly inflated. Modifications to the way you care for the interior can mean the difference between eco-friendly and not.

Many times detailing the interior of a vehicle requires a lot of strong chemicals. But it doesn't have to.

1. Keep up with mess. If you clean as items become soiled, you won't have to rely on harsh chemicals to remove set-in stains.

2. Replace carpeted mats for rubberized ones. Choose recycled rubber mats, which will require a hose-down instead of shampooing with strong carpet cleaners.

3. Invest in a quality shop vacuum or high-powered vacuum. Routinely vacuum the interior of the vehicle to prevent ground-in dirt.

4. Buy seat covers. Instead of using harsh chemicals to clean upholstery, removable seat covers may be able to be washed in a washing machine and cleaned with eco-friendly detergents.

5. Stock up on dusting cloths. Static-charged dusting cloths can be used to collect dust and debris from the dashboard and instrument panel. This reduces the need for spray dusting products.

6. Replace interior air filters. Most new vehicles have an air filtration system for the interior of the vehicle. Clogged filters can proliferate contaminants inside the cabin of the car. Frequently change the filters to ensure cleaner interior air quality.

7. Leather interior fixer. You don't need expensive or harsh products to condition leather interior. To clean leather seats, for example, use a small drop of eco-friendly dish liquid worked into a damp rag. Clean the stain or seats. Use a damp, clean rag to collect any remaining moisture and soap residue. Buff with a dry cloth. Apply a miniscule amount of olive oil to a cloth and work it into the leather to condition it. Don't use too much or you'll be left with oily seats and a mess.

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