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Prevent Drainage Problems at Home

Drainage issues on a property can cost homeowners thousands of dollars in potential damage. They can also cause safety issues down the line, such as mold or mildew accumulation on walls, breeding grounds for insects, or even sink holes. It's important to ensure proper drainage occurs around a home.

Storm water runoff is a big culprit when it comes to drainage issues. Over time storm water can erode soft surfaces and redirect water to places where it doesn't belong. Also, improperly graded concrete work or misplaced landscaping items can create water pooling in undesireable areas.
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Recognizing Roof Damage

The spring season is a time for many things, from rediscovering the great outdoors to clearing the clutter leftover from another long winter.

For many homeowners, that spring cleaning also means a careful examination of a home's exterior. Winter can prove especially harsh on a home's exterior, in particular the roof. While stains on the ceiling or obvious leaks are easy ways to detect roof damage, many times problems with a roof are not so obvious. For homeowners hoping to give their roof a thorough end-of-winter examination, consider the following tips for recognizing roof damage.
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Ask What Your Roof Can Do For You

Replacing a roof is a major investment for any homeowner. When considering such a significant home improvement project, it makes sense that you will have questions.
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Add Curb Appeal With Shutters

Window shutters aren't a necessary home element any longer, but they certainly can add decorative appeal to both the exterior and interior of a home. Today, shutters are largely a decorative accent, but they used to be very functional.

It is difficult to pinpoint just when shutters were invented and first used. However, many historians surmise it took place in ancient Greece.
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Don't let a spring thaw lead to a wet basement

Whether your region is covered in a blanket of white snow or water from continual rainfall, you may experience basement moisture problems. New homeowners may not even be safe from the water Mother Nature delivers each year.
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Backyard Luxury Without the Luxury Prices

"Affordable" and "luxury" never used to be words you'd see cozied up together -- luxury, after all, implies a lifestyle the average person can't afford!

But much has changed with our changing economy. The once-contradictory notion of low-cost luxury is fast becoming the new operating philosophy of the savvy homeowner: How can I capture the most extravagance for the least money?

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Go Green When Greening Your Landscape

With the return of spring comes the return of getting outdoors and soaking up the spring sun. For some, spring is synonymous with Sunday driving with the windows rolled down. For others, spring is a time to clear the house of a season's worth of clutter.

For homeowners, spring is a time to get out in the yard and return lawns and gardens to their glory days of late fall, long before winter weather took its toll. After a season of snow and freezing temperatures, many homeowners are anxious to get back outside and bring their lush green lawns back to life.

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Steps to Soundproofing a Home

Are noises in and around your home getting on your nerves? Chances are if you have noisy neighbors, have a son or daughter practicing for the marching band, or live on a busy road, noise could be a problem for you. Or maybe your noise is disturbing others. Before you put a for-sale sign on your front lawn, consider the ways you can tame the cacophony of your current living space. Some simple soundproofing techniques could give you the peace you desire.
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Achieving Comfort With Central Air Conditioning

Blame it on global warming or overpopulation, but the increasingly hotter temperatures leave much to be desired for many people. As a result, we seek out cooler areas for a respite from the sun and heat. Generally the oasis is an air conditioned building.

However, those who have wrestled with a cumbersome, heavy and leaky window air conditioning unit know how inconvenient window units can be. Perhaps you've considered installing central air conditioning in your home, but think it might prove too difficult and costly? Think again.

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Tips to Maintain the Garbage Disposal

Few homeowners look forward to clogged pipes. Not only can they cause water to overflow and damage cabinets, flooring and ceilings, but also the need to call in a plumber can be expensive.
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Basement Remodels a Favorite for Homeowners

Perhaps thanks to the growing popularity of home theaters, basement remodels are becoming more and more popular among the nation's homeowners. With advancements in television and home theater technology, it's no wonder homeowners are looking to make the most of their oft-ignored basements to enhance their home entertainment experience.
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Let More Light Shine In

Many times the arrival of warmer weather makes homeowners reconsider the decor of their home. After a long winter spent indoors, homeowners often yearn for some changes around the house.
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Space-Saving Hardwood Storage Stunners

"There probably isn't a room in the house where we don't store something," writes Mervyn Kaufman in his new book, Store It!, from Filipacchi Publishing. "Lack of space is certainly a challenge, but it is superseded in every instance by how best to use that space."

Before adding or rearranging storage in any room, Kaufman suggests you examine and evaluate. Keep what's needed. Then, begin your space-saving journey. Consider the following creative tips for practical yet beautiful ways to increase storage potential throughout your home.

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Great Time to Upgrade or Build Your Pool

Believe it or not, there is an upside to the lingering down economy. Homes and cars are more affordable. Restaurants are less crowded. And many products and services once considered luxuries are now within reach for consumers who have patiently waited to make their move. For anyone who has dreamed of owning their own pool or spa, or upgrading the amenities in the one they have, there may never be a better time to buy than now.
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Choosing the Right Decking Material

Billed as low-maintenance and attractive solutions for the yard, vinyl or composite decks have become the materials of choice for more homeowners in recent years. They're supposed to last longer and require less maintenance than wood counterparts -- perfect for homeowners who would rather enjoy their outdoor spaces, rather than spend hours each season maintaining them.
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Playing Peacemaker

Acrylic block walls and partitions can fill a very important role in a family home -- that of peacemaker.

At the Lukert home in Douglasville, Georgia, homeowners Phil and Lindy Lukert were tasked with how to divide up their 2,900 square-foot basement into a multi-purpose area.
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Moving Daylight

Windows are a great way to bring light into the home, but unfortunately walls and doors often stop that light from moving throughout the house. To continue daylight's natural flow in the home, designer Sherry Mitchell, IIDA, recommends incorporating acrylic block panels, door inserts and partition walls throughout rooms in the house.
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Are Termites Eating You Out of House and Home?

Termite season is on the horizon. These insects cause billions of dollars in damage every year, according to the University of Kentucky Entomology Department. Because termites generally do damage while inside of walls or other out-of-sight areas, homeowners often do not know they have an infestation until it's too late. Identifying signs of termites and getting situations under control early can save you money and structural damage.
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Welcome Spring with a Real Backyard!

As temperatures begin to climb, thoughts turn to the backyard: is it ready for spring? If your outdoor living space needs some serious TLC before the flowers bloom, here are some great ideas for creating a natural, authentic backyard oasis.
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