Do It Yourself

Top Home-Repair Blunders to Avoid

Home improvement projects seem to drum up images of shyster contractors or bumbling do-it-yourselfers. However, home repairs don't have to turn into an unorganized mess. By avoiding some common mistakes and taking common-sense precautions, you can end up with renovations that wow.
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Create Homemade Bird Feeders

Welcoming neighborhood birds to the backyard can be a rewarding pastime. Homeowners can enjoy the color and the spectacle of nearby birds while learning about which native birds call the region home.

There's no need to purchase an expensive bird feeder to entice feathered friends to stop by. Homeowners can easily make a feeder from a host of common household supplies. This is a great craft project for children of any age under the supervision of an adult. Consider these ideas for getting started.
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Add Some Space to a Child's Bedroom

When parents decide it's time for a child to get his or her own bedroom, that child's reaction is often one of immense joy. However, as parents soon discover, a new bedroom fills up almost immediately, often creating a monument to clutter in the process.
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Spring Cleaning Room by Room

The weather may be getting warmer, the flowers are blooming, and you're ready to throw open the windows and let in some fresh air. Now is the time when many homeowners decide to cast away the winter blues and ready their home for the warm weather season.
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20 Projects in Just 20 Minutes

Since every dollar counts these days, homeowners need sensible home improvement products that can help increase the value of their homes without breaking the bank. Synthetic millwork products are a fast, easy way to reach this goal.
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Harvesting a Healthier Garden

Spring is here at last! Most of us can't wait to shake off the winter blues, to get out into the sunshine, walk the dog, play catch with the kids or just take a stroll in the park. For homeowners, it's the first chance to work on the yard, restore a lush lawn and, for an increasing number of gardening aficionados, create a home vegetable garden. Inner city urbanites, even those with a postage stamp size yard, have been swept up by the 'grow your own' movement.
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