Keep Your Dryer Running Safe and Smooth

Nowadays, many homeowners are understandably concerned about saving money. In light of the country's economic woes, homeowners are increasingly looking for ways to save money.

Though it's important to save money, it's also important to stay safe, particularly with respect to household appliances. Fortunately, there are ways homeowners can stay safe and save at the same time. Take the household dryer, for instance. The following tips can help a dryer run safely and efficiently.

* Consider metal ducts. Flexible ducts made of plastic or foil can prove very problematic, often sagging and letting lint build up, decreasing efficiency and risking safety in the process. Metal ducts can be flexible but won't sag, leading to less lint build up. What's more, a metal duct can contain a fire better than plastic or foil ducts.

* Clean all around the dryer. Lint does not only build up within the ducts or lint traps, it can also build up in the area surrounding the dryer as well. This includes behind and underneath the dryer, which can be a significant safety hazard if not cleaned regularly.

* Don't ignore the lint screen. A clean lint screen pays numerous dividends, not the least of which is making a dryer more safe. Clothes also dry faster when the lint screen is clean, meaning the dryer won't run as long and homeowners will save money.

* Wash abnormally stained clothes. Oftentimes, when working in the yard or around the house, a homeowner can spill gasoline or other flammable materials on clothing. If that happens, wash these clothes extra carefully, possibly even more than once, before placing them in the dryer.

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