Playing Peacemaker

Acrylic block walls and partitions can fill a very important role in a family home -- that of peacemaker.

At the Lukert home in Douglasville, Georgia, homeowners Phil and Lindy Lukert were tasked with how to divide up their 2,900 square-foot basement into a multi-purpose area.

"This was a huge amount of space and we really wanted to have a home gym," says Lukert. "The challenge was finding a way to make the basement multi-functional so the kids would also have their play areas. We didn't want to simply put up walls. We needed to have defined spaces for everyone's needs while still keeping the 'big room' feeling."

The Lukerts used a Hy-Lite/U S Block Windows acrylic block wall to solve the challenge. The obscure blocks allow light to flow throughout the room while offering privacy to the adults during their workouts.

"No matter how close-knit a family is, everyone benefits from having their 'own space' for different activities in the home," says Roger Murphy, president of Hy-Lite/U S Block Windows.

"We've been told numerous times that acrylic block dividers are real lifesavers for families. They help create personalized spaces for children's activities, home offices and workout rooms."

The durable acrylic block walls and partitions can be installed quickly in any area of the home. The obscure blocks provide privacy yet allow light to flow through to enhance each area of the home.

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