Go Green When Greening Your Landscape

With the return of spring comes the return of getting outdoors and soaking up the spring sun. For some, spring is synonymous with Sunday driving with the windows rolled down. For others, spring is a time to clear the house of a season's worth of clutter.

For homeowners, spring is a time to get out in the yard and return lawns and gardens to their glory days of late fall, long before winter weather took its toll. After a season of snow and freezing temperatures, many homeowners are anxious to get back outside and bring their lush green lawns back to life.

But returning the green to a lawn has taken on a whole new meaning for many environmentally conscious homeowners, as more and more are going green as they bring the green back to their lawns and gardens. Homeowners hoping to bring their lawns back to life in an environmentally responsible way this spring should consider the following tips.

* Build a compost pile. Pesticides might get the job done, but they also come with a bevy of negative side effects, not the least of which is their harmful impact on the environment. What's more, parents of young children and even pet owners should avoid pesticides, as kids or pets might ingest them when playing in the yard, potentially leading to illness or injury.

However, many of the benefits of pesticides can be gotten naturally through the use of compost. Compost contains a slew of microorganisms that help build stronger roots while enabling plants to pick up more nutrients. What's more, compost is free, and parents won't have to worry about their children or their pets when playing in the yard.

* Use a reel mower. While the notion of a reel mower might harken some back to the days of yesteryear, thanks to technological advancements today's reel mowers are certainly not the same as the one Grandpa took pains to push around the yard each summer.

With the new FiskarsTM MomentumTM reel mower, homeowners can take solace knowing they're not only helping the environment, but helping their lawns as well. Whereas traditional reel mowers are associated with a lack of power, the Momentum mower utilizes patent-pending InertiaDriveTM technology to deliver twice the power to cut through small twigs, weeds or dense grass. And with the VersaCutTM design, the Momentum mower boasts the greatest cut range of any reel mower with cut settings ranging from one to four inches. And thanks to the StaySharpTM cutting system, homeowners won't have to worry about any blade sharpening, as precision engineering allows grass to be cut without blades touching, greatly reducing friction and blade wear.

"When they designed this mower, Fiskars eliminated all of the most common objections with respect to reel mowers," says "Growing a Greener World" host Joe Lamp'l. "I enjoy the ease of use this mower provides, a result of the unique design combined with the greatly reduced friction because the cutting blades never actually come in contact with the stationary blade. The end result is a reel mower that is a joy to use and even looks really cool, too."

Environmentally conscious homeowners will love the reel mower's reliance on manual power instead harmful gasoline mowers that contribute to both air, soil and noise pollution. In addition, the Momentum mower requires 30 percent less push power than standard reel mowers.

* Banish weeds the green way. Nearly every task associated with lawncare can be tackled in an environmentally friendly way, and removing weeds is no exception. Employing a simple "step down, pull back" movement, the Fiskars WeederTM helps homeowners avoid the strains of bending over to pluck those harmful weeds while also eliminating the noise and air pollution associated with the noisy gas-powered weed whackers of yesteryear. What's more, the Fiskars Weeder plucks weeds and their roots neatly from the soil, ensuring these eyesores won't return to the garden anytime soon, and that there won't be much to clean up once they've been pulled.

For more information on going green when landscaping, visit www.fiskars.com.

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