20 Projects in Just 20 Minutes

Since every dollar counts these days, homeowners need sensible home improvement products that can help increase the value of their homes without breaking the bank. Synthetic millwork products are a fast, easy way to reach this goal.

"Easy-to-install urethane and PVC products can enhance the interior and exterior of any home without busting a budget," says Tina Mealer with Fypon. "For a minimal product investment and even less 'sweat equity,' homeowners can gain maximum results."

Fypon's top 20 "no sweat" 20-minute home improvement projects include:

Project 1 -- Place a crosshead over an outside window with a keystone to add curb appeal to the exterior of the home.

Project 2 -- Wrap unsightly metal supports in a finished basement with PVC Column Wraps to add style to the room.

Project 3 -- Use Victorian-style nips and spires to accent exterior areas, fencing and gated areas.

Project 4 -- Upgrade the look of a boring kitchen island by adding decorative brackets or corbels as accent pieces.

Project 5 -- Add a urethane pineapple, the international sign of hospitality, above the front entry door.

Project 6 -- Dress up a porch area by adding brackets to porch posts.

Project 7 -- Cover up unsightly wooden porch posts with a semi-assembled, two-piece classic style PVC Column Wrap.

Project 8 -- Install carved leaf or grapevine brackets under kitchen countertops and shelves to add dimension and visual appeal to the room.

Project 9 -- Add a two-piece urethane ceiling medallion around a ceiling fan or lighting fixture to "pop" some visual friendliness to the ceiling.

Project 10 -- Add moisture-resistant corbels to the top of cabinets to present a more finished look in the bathroom or laundry room.

Project 11 -- Create a unique window treatment by hanging a pair of brackets on either side of a window. Insert a dowel rod through the brackets and drape with fabric for a fast and easy decorative window treatment.

Project 12 -- Accent interior doorways with a keystone.

Project 13 -- Install a set of moisture-resistant urethane pilasters on both sides of a shower stall and a door crosshead overhead to upgrade the look of the bathroom.

Project 14 -- Create customized shelves to house knick knacks using moulding or PVC boards. Faux finish the pieces to make a collection stand out.

Project 15 -- Add a one-piece fireplace mantel surround to an existing fireplace or create a faux fireplace area using these durable accent pieces.

Project 16 -- Create a welcoming look over a garage or gable area by installing a urethane wreath and bow. The three-piece accent is 86" long and 38" high and makes a stunning accent on the home.

Project 17 -- Flank the window opening between two rooms (like a kitchen and family room) with a pair of urethane shutters. The lightweight shutters can be stained or painted to accent the walls.

Project 18 -- Top off a standard bookshelf with an impressive combination acorn pediment to add style in any room.

Project 19 -- Add a scalloped moulding border to a child's room to launch into a princess or medieval theme for the room.

Project 20 -- Install a set of pilasters on either side of the garage door and a long door crosshead over the top.

"Each of these projects can easily be completed in just 20 minutes," says Mealer. "These are simple do-it-yourself projects that quickly and effectively upgrade your home and bring years of lasting satisfaction."

For product information, visit www.fypon.com.

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