Easy Ways to Inspect Household Appliances

With spring cleaning season upon us once again, homeowners across the country are dusting off the cobwebs of another long winter and readying their homes for the warmer season.

One often overlooked aspect of spring cleaning is the inspection of household appliances. While it's common to make sure air conditioning units are ready to go before summer, other household appliances often receive no such inspection. However, homeowners can easily examine common household appliances when doing their spring cleaning, ensuring everything is running at optimal strength as the weather warms up.

* Dishwasher -- Check for water leaks around the dishwasher. If leaks are apparent on the floor or under the sink, an air-gap might be needed. An air-gap keeps contaminated water from entering into the water supply.

* Range -- When cleaning the kitchen this spring, check the burners, broiler and oven to ensure all are operating at maximum capacity. Gas ranges might require a professional inspection, so if any problems result from an informal inspection, homeowners should consult a professional.

* Refrigerator -- Check to make sure a refrigerator and freezer are staying cool. Condensation could be indicative of a problem with the refrigerator or freezer, and be sure to check the condition of the refrigerator's door gaskets.

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