Add Some Space to a Child's Bedroom

When parents decide it's time for a child to get his or her own bedroom, that child's reaction is often one of immense joy. However, as parents soon discover, a new bedroom fills up almost immediately, often creating a monument to clutter in the process.

While parents are well aware of the often painstaking process of getting kids to clean their room, the following tips can add some space to a child's bedroom and help make it cleaner at the same time.

* Remember it's a bedroom. Many times a simple removal of excess furniture can help clear a room of clutter and keep in clean. When kids have an armchair or extra furniture in their room, that often becomes one more place to put dirty or unfolded clothes. All a child, and even most adults, really need in a bedroom is a bed, a dresser and possibly a desk to do schoolwork. While it might be nice to have a television (and TV stand) and a chair or loveseat in a bedroom, such items aren't necessary and should be removed from any room that's overwhelmed with clutter or simply short on space.

* Get things off the floor. Open floor space helps make a room seem larger, whereas a floor cluttered with too many shoes, a stereo or a stack of magazines will make a room appear more claustrophobic. For items that are currently on a floor but deemed "must-have," consider hanging shelves instead of simply putting everything on the floor or on the desk or dresser.

* Install closet organizers. Today's kids seem to boast far more extensive wardrobes than their parents. Unfortunately, that typically leads to overcrowded closets, which then leads to clothes being stacked on a bed, chair or desk. To cure this ill, consider installing closet organizers. A closet organizer can help optimize closet space and teach kids the advantages of organization at the same time. Instead of shoes and sneakers strewn about the bedroom floor, for example, kids can utilize a closet shoe organizer, which can help them avoid tripping over random sneakers and shoes.

* Place furniture in corners. Many children insist on having their own televisions in their bedroom. If this is a battle parents can't win, be sure to use corner entertainment centers for the TV and video game console. This makes the room appear more spacious and utilizes an area of the room, the corner, that is likely going unused.

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