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Critter Chronicles: Multiple Breed Rescue for Feb. 5, 2019

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Multiple Breed Rescue




Nancy is available for adoption from Multiple Breed Rescue.



Nancy was in a city kennel, and they reached out to MBR to take her in when they realized she needed special attention and medical care. While she is young and very happy, she has an unknown condition that causes her muscles to fatigue quickly making her a special needs dog. Nancy has been seen by several vets and specialists to try and determine exactly what the cause of her problem is, and no one has been able to tell us anything definitive.

At this time, we do not know if Nancy will get better, get worse, or stay the same as she is now. Nancy loves to play and is very loving. She has good days and she has bad days; good days allow her to play for roughly 20-30 minutes at a time while her bad days make it difficult for her to even walk outside to go to the bathroom. Nancy is not a dog who will be able to take long walks/hikes or chase a ball for a long period of time. Some days she may be able to walk down the street, while other days she may not. Nancy’s back legs seem to fatigue very quickly and begin to quiver which causes her to lay down immediately (she is not in any pain or distress when this happens). Sometimes she gets right back up and continues her activity while other times she needs to lay for a few minutes.

Despite all of this, Nancy’s spirit has not been broken and she remains very happy and has a good quality of life. She is working on her potty training, loves to play with toys, enjoys playing with other dogs and comes when her name is called. Nancy is kid and dog friendly, but can also be too much for some people and animals. Nancy is looking for a family who can understand her limitations and be creative in ways to play with her and stimulate her mind. Her foster home is happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

BREED/DESCRIPTION: Cattle dog/pit bull/terrier mix

SEX: Female

SPAYED: Yes; shots current

AGE: 10 months old

SIZE: Medium



Queenie is available for adoption from Multiple Breed Rescue.



Queenie would really love a family to call her own. She was people that didn’t teach her any manners or even basic obedience. Instead, she knew yelling and abuse, which made her frightened most of the time. Queenie was left tied up outside when they were not home. One day she was attacked by an unknown animal and was badly injured. Though the family took her to the vet, they decided not to pay to have her treated. MBR stepped in and paid to have her injuries treated — unfortunately, she lost her right eye.

Despite this rough start, Queenie loves people. She will sometimes get scared when she does something bad, remembering her previous treatment, and is shy around new people. It takes a few times meeting someone before she knows whether they will be nice to her or not. The exception is children — she loves kids! She is a big girl and sometimes gets too excited and can knock over smaller children in her excitement.

She is learning basic obedience, including “down” and “site”. She plays with the cat in her foster home and the older dog there is helping her to learn manners. There are chickens in the foster home, too, that Queenie would love to play with, but will “leave it” when told.

Queenie is an energetic girl who loves going on walks. She doesn’t let one eye stop her from being very good at playing catch and fetch. She also loves car rides. Queenie is house-trained and crate-trained (only when her foster family is not home). She is still very young, so has trouble resisting her curious nature and can get into things she shouldn’t. She is not crated at night and sleeps peacefully while everyone else is asleep. She is a big cuddly baby and would just love a home that dotes on her and that she can share her love with.

BREED/DESCRIPTION: Labrador retriever Mix

SEX: Female

SPAYED: Yes shots; current

AGE: 1 1/2 years old

SIZE: Large, 67 pounds



Zeus is available for adoption from Multiple Breed Rescue.



Zeus has not had the best life thus far. When he arrived in to the rescue, he was missing quite a bit of his coat and very under weight. With the diligence and love of his foster home, Zeus is finally getting healthy and has regrown most of his hair.

Zeus is potty trained, walks nicely on a leash, and knows some basic commands. He loves to play with his foster brother who is also a Great Dane and doesn’t mind the Chihuahua or cat siblings in his foster home. He loves his humans. Zeus is a typical Dane; calm and well-mannered.


SEX: Male

NEUTERED: Yes; shots current

AGE: 3 years

SIZE: Extra large


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