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Speedway station planned in Avon


AVON — The city of Avon will get a Speedway on the corner of Recreation Lane and Colorado Avenue, near Interstate 90.

According to the Lorain County Auditor’s office, a 46,000-square-foot Speedway purchased the 5-acre plot for about $2.3 million Thursday after approval from the city.

The facility will have eight gas pumps, a convenience store and three stations behind the store for trailer trucks to refuel. Speedway will have a large driveway to fit the trucks that would enter through Recreation Lane.

Pam Fechter, Avon planning coordinator, said Speedway still is waiting to approve the final parts of the building. The city also has an agreement with Speedway that the company would repave and reinforce the driveway facing Recreation Lane, which needs to be strengthened with concrete, because the street was not meant to have multiple heavy trucks driving on it, Fechter said.

“We’re very happy that Speedway worked with us on Recreation Lane to keep the integrity of that road,” Fechter said. “It wasn’t designed for a large number of trucks, so we’re glad they recognized that we needed that.”

The plans were first submitted by Speedway on Nov. 21, and the Planning Commission discussed the building plans through December.

Councilwoman Tammy Holtzmeier said she is happy that the city and Speedway could find a way to make the location work. Additionally, she said that the development of Speedway can help in bolstering Avon’s property values and can cause competition with other gas stations nearby, which could result in lower gas prices.

“An additional fueling station can give more competition and bring prices down,” she said. “It jumps prices down, and that’s good for everyone’s pocketbooks when we have to fuel our cars.”

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