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Paranormal investigators' film 'Ghosts of the Lorain Lighthouse' on Saturday at Lorain Palace

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    The Lorain Lighthouse at sunset.



LORAIN — EVP Mediums founder Dave Hensley learned firsthand where the idiom swear like a sailor comes from after his team of paranormal investigators explored the Lorain Lighthouse using instrumental transcommunication and other technology.

“What I should have expected and did not is the amount of profanity and comments from the spirit at the lighthouse,” Lorain resident Hensley said. “I suppose it makes sense for those who are of the sea. So, we did get quite a bit of profanity, which we edited out of the movie.”

EVP Mediums presents its “Ghosts of the Lorain Lighthouse” investigation film Saturday at the Lorain Palace Theater. The screening, which is a fundraiser for the Lorain Lighthouse Foundation, takes place nearly a year after the group stunned large crowds with its “Ghosts of the Palace” investigation.

“We had a lot of comments last year from people saying they really didn’t believe in this, but after seeing the film they have to think twice,” Hensley said.

The newest investigation took place in August 2017. The exploration yielded plenty of paranormal activity, some of which was expected with other events coming as a surprise.

“We discovered there are a lot of entities there that necessarily were not connected to the lighthouse,” Hensley said. “There was a captain that came through on different programs, different devices. He kept calling himself Captain Mike.

“From what we can gather, he was a captain of a ship called the Valentine. We don’t believe Captain Mike may have been associated directly with the lighthouse, but he may be there because of a shipwreck or something that happened on Lake Erie.”

Something shocking for EVP Mediums, which since 2012 has conducted more than 100 investigations with 65 video documentaries, was the discovery of two children at the lighthouse.

In terms of hair-raising moments, Hensley said the team had a memorable encounter with a certain ghost who apparently was updated on current affairs.

“Last year was the Lorain Lighthouse’s 100th year celebration,” Hensley said. “At one point a male voice says, ‘I can talk with you.’ After that, it says, ‘Happy Birthday Lorain Lighthouse.’ I’m serious. It blew my mind to be able to hear a spirit acknowledge that.”

If that was scary, Hensley said what happened next was mind-boggling.

“We had Lighthouse Foundation Board of Trustees member Matt Dempsey with us,” Hensley said. “We asked the ghost, ‘Do you know who this?’ The spirit said, ‘That’s Matt, Matt Dempsey.’ With Matt being out there all of the time, talking about the 100th year celebration and events, it does make sense that they’d be aware of him.”

Dempsey, who admittedly is a believer in the paranormal, said the experience in the Lorain Lighthouse basement was amazing.

“We asked, ‘How many of you are here?’ and a voice said, ‘Eight,’” said Dempsey, who has been volunteering at the Lighthouse for 16 years. “I asked, ‘What’s my name?’ As soon as I got done asking that question, I believe five different voices said, ‘Matt.’ One of the voices even sang my name.

“Hearing my name being said by about five different spirits was unbelievable and absolutely amazing. That’s something that I’ll never forget.”

All of those experiences will be presented in “Ghosts of the Lorain Lighthouse,” which because of the vulgar language and sexually explicit comments from the spirits isn’t recommended for those under the age of 13.

Since 2012, EVP Mediums has investigated local homes in Elyria, Lorain and Oberlin, as well as the Powerhouse Gym in Elyria, the Lorain Slovak Club and a haunted mansion on Staten Island in New York.

Considering the group has been busy of late with its exploration of the Lorain Palace Theater and the Lorain Lighthouse, what’s next for Hensley and company?

“After this, I’m not sure there’s going to be another one,” Hensley said. “I’m taking a break to regroup. When you do something like this, you put your life on hold. Also, up until the Palace, we were averaging one investigation a month.

“Because of these two movies, we’ve done two investigations in a year. I think that’s what we’re going to get back to doing.”

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