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County kennel is at capacity (UPDATED 1:15 a.m.)

  • Dogs-available-for-adoption-at-the-Lorain-County-Dog-Kennel

    Dogs are at risk of being euthanized because the kennel is too full.


  • Dogs-at-the-Lorain-County-Dog-Kennel

    Dogs are at risk of being euthanized because the kennel is too full.


  • Dogs-available-for-adoption-at-the-Lorain-County-Dog-Kennel-1

    Dogs are at risk of being euthanized because the kennel is too full.


ELYRIA — The Lorain County Dog Kennel hasn’t had to euthanize a dog in almost four years, and they’re asking for the community’s help to keep it that way.

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Dog Warden Tim Pihlblad said this has been a rough week with 11 or 12 dogs being brought into the kennel Monday alone.

“I have no idea why it was so many dogs, but it was a hot day,” he said. “What’s weird is it usually slows down after kids go back to school but that wasn’t the case.”

Pihlblad said there had been a couple of redemptions from the group brought in earlier in the week, but then two more dogs were brought in.

“Two go out and two come in,” he said. “We have enough room for about 70 dogs but when we have that many dogs come in on one day, it can take up about half of our large-cage capacity.”

Volunteer coordinator Tory Mittler said the kennel has gotten close to having to put dogs down in recent years, but it hasn’t actually had to happen.

“The community always steps up,” she said. “This is the stupidest reason to have to put dogs down, and we’ve got some great ones who are at the kennel and ready to be adopted. We do meet-and-greets for people who already have dogs and kids.”

Pihlblad said the reason the kennel often has so many dogs is because the animals get loose and residents didn’t get them a license at the beginning of the year even though they are only $16. After the beginning of February, that cost doubles so when dogs without licenses are reunited with owners at the kennel, they’re charged a redemption fee as well as a $32 license.

“If people have a license, then when we pick up the dog we can take it right home to them with no problem,” he said. “But without a license, we have to bring them into the kennel. So we need people who have lost dogs to come in and see if we have them.”

Pihlblad said adoption is the easiest way to help the kennel, which is available for $66 per dog, which includes two vaccines as well as spaying or neutering.

“We just really need people to come and check out the dogs and adopt them,” he said.

The Lorain County Dog Kennel is at 301 Hadaway St. in Elyria and open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesdays and 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Thursdays to Saturdays. Contact the shelter at (440) 326-5995.

Contact Katie Nix at (440) 329-7129 or Find her on Facebook or Twitter @KatieHNix.



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