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The midges have returned

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    A swarm of thousands of Midges takes off from the piers along Lake Erie in Lorain on Tuesday.


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    A midge sits on a leaf near Lake Erie in Lorain.



The official start of summer isn’t until June 21 but the unofficial start for lakefront cities in Lorain County was this week when clouds of midges came in from Lake Erie.

The bugs are expected to hang around for about 10 days, their average lifespan, and arrive once the lake warms up at the end of spring, making way for mayflies, or Canadian soldiers, at the end of June.

Lorain Port Authority Executive Director Tom Brown said he doesn’t think the amount of midges is any worse this year than normal, but it doesn’t make the little bugs, which stick to every conceivable surface, any less annoying.

“They’re a little late this year,” he said. “But when I went for a walk Monday night it looked like it was a cloud of smoke watching them come in off the lake, because the cloud was so thick and then they were everywhere. My house is covered in them.”

Brown said the agency’s office building, at the mouth of the Black River near the lake, also has quite a bit of midge activity.

“I swallowed one already,” he said. “I mean, they’re everywhere. It’s one of those things that just by opening your car you can get 20 or 30 of them in there.”

Brown said while the midges are along the lakefront now, the mayflies will arrive later this month just in time for the Lorain International Festival at Black River Landing.

“We always get a dose of them right around that time every year,” he said.

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