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No, officer, I'm not selling real babies on the internet

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    Sheffield Lake resident Kathy Cadle poses with Sgt. Frank Goscewski after he investigated her for human trafficking. The baby Cadle was selling was a doll.



SHEFFIELD LAKE — A grandmother who paints and sells lifelike baby dolls was investigated by police Sunday for what was reported by someone as possible human trafficking.

Kathy Cadle was at home talking with her grandson on the internet when her boyfriend, Casey Kaspirack, interrupted and said an officer was waiting to talk to her.

“Casey kind of freaked out so he just told me, you need to come and talk to this cop,” Cadle said. “(The cop said), ‘There’s a report of you selling a baby.’ I said, ‘Are you kidding me?’”

It was not a joke. Sgt. Frank Goscewski told the stunned Cadle that he had been investigating her and talking to friends of hers “for the better part of the day,” Cadle said.

“I said, well do you want to see what it is you’re investigating? So I bring him the baby and he just got this big grin,” Cadle said.

What she handed to Goscewski looks and feels like a real baby, except it isn’t. Cadle, along with her sister, Rachel Smith, inherited a love of baby dolls from their mother, Dolores Cadle, and started painting them after she died three years ago.

In fact, Smith was featured on the front page of Sunday’s Chronicle-Telegram for her doll creations, Bunny Bundles Reborns. Smith donates some of the dolls she creates to nursing homes as therapy dolls for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.

Cadle said the newspaper story and the police investigation were not linked, but the timing made her laugh.

Goscewski had seen the paper with Smith, Cadle said, but didn’t realize they were sisters because of the different last names and so insisted he had to follow through and investigate the accusations.

“She ends up on the front page of the paper, and I end up being (investigated),” Cadle joked.

Cadle said she believes the incident started when she was trying to get the word out that she was selling the painted baby dolls. She said she posted to a site that advertised it would publish to other sites, but she thought those other sites also would be doll sellers.

“I didn’t know it would go to sites that would sell anything and everything,” Cadle said.

Rest assured, though they look and feel like a real baby, the “babies” Cadle sells are made of vinyl.

Before Goscewski left, satisfied the accusations were as fake as the baby, Cadle asked for a photo with him and the doll because of the unbelievable situation.

“I said, ‘Can I take a picture?’” Cadle said. “People are just going to freak.”

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