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Mosquitoes Looking for a Tropical 'Getaway' in your Backyard

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This summer’s warm temperatures, humid air, and rainfall have created the perfect ‘getaway’ for mosquitoes to create breeding grounds; possibly right in your backyard! Everyone can help reduce mosquitoes by getting rid of places where water collects.

A yard clear of debris and standing water can reduce the number mosquitoes nearby. The Lorain County General Health District encourages you to look at these five places to help get rid of pesky mosquitoes.

  1. Bird baths: Change the water and clean with a garden hose at least once a week.
  2. Buckets and watering cans: Store indoors and turn over.
  3. Roof gutters: Clean out leaves and debris often to allow water to flow freely and drain.
  4. Tarps on woodpiles and garden equipment: Empty water that collects in folds and sagging areas. Tighten or straighten so water runs off.
  5. Wheelbarrows: Empty any collected water and store upside down.


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