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Live Healthy

Be Contagious, Live Healthy.

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Health is Contagious 

Lorain County General Health District Health Commissioner, Kenneth G. Pearce states, “Health is contagious, and hanging out with people who follow healthy lifestyles causes a healthy lifestyle. It’s viral, like catching the flu.”

Pearce adds, “Your actions have the power to create a ripple of impact in your family, workplace and across Lorain County “Every day is a chance to improve the health of Lorain County, and it begins with you. Your choices affect your health and can create positive effects in those around you.”

Model the Way…

Be a good example of health, and those around you— family, children, co-workers, friends—will take note and may follow suit. The most powerful way of learning is to watch others do something. Remember… Don’t nag them, don’t make them read about it, don’t judge them. Just live it and hope that they “catch” it along the way.


Children easily adapt to healthy habits.

-          Make healthy habits a natural part of the day.

  •        Evening walk before/after dinner
  •        Give more veggie snacks, and fewer cookies and chips


Family, friends and co-workers need non-verbal encouragement—not complaints.

  •       Show your loved ones that you care about your health, and theirs—by cooking yummy and healthy meals
  •       No one likes to be nagged. So, don’t do it


A healthier Lorain County begins with you.  Dream BIG. Start Small. Live Healthy.

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