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Peruvian dish ideal for snacking

One of the joys of being a foodie is the opportunity to use food as an avenue to learn about other cultures. Food can be a valuable tool when learning about different cultures and countries, shedding light on foreign customs and, in some instances, foreign economies.

Celebrating the cultures of other countries or regions of the world is something those who enjoy ethnic cuisine do all the time, even if they do it unintentionally. For instance, the following recipe for "Peruvian Quinoa Shrimp Chicharrones With Green Aji Sauce" from Robin Asbell's "The New Whole Grains Cookbook" is a great way to celebrate Hispanic culture.
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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage with Delicious Cuisine

Celebrating Hispanic heritage is something everyone can do. Even those with Hispanic roots, for instance, can celebrate the many contributions Hispanics have made to society. Be it Oscar-winning actors like Javier Bardem or renowned educators like Jaime Escalante or legendary musicians like Tito Puente, Hispanics have impacted all walks of life.

Another area where Hispanics have made their mark concerns cuisine. Hispanic foods remain a favorite of many, and foodies need not be of Hispanic heritage to enjoy the vast array of Hispanic foods. Those who want to celebrate Hispanic heritage with some delicious cuisine should consider the following recipe for "Mexican Gazpacho" from "Easy Entertaining" (Ryland, Peters & Small).
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Hearty meal ideal for celebrating Hispanic heritage

When celebrating Hispanic heritage, no celebration is complete without a hearty meal enjoyed with family and friends. In addition to notable accomplishments in all walks of life, Hispanics have thrived with respect to cuisine. Beloved all over the world, Hispanic cuisine is an integral part of celebrations of Hispanic heritage. Whether Hispanic or not, men and women can celebrate the contributions Hispanics have made to world cuisine with the following recipe for "Tortilla-Black Bean Casserole" from the Better Homes and Gardens "New Cook Book," (Meredith Books).
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Fajitas fit for a fiesta

Few types of cuisine are as beloved as Mexican cuisine. Whether celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a fiesta at home or simply looking for a quick meal when you're craving Mexican food, the following recipe for "Spicy Chicken Fajitas" from the Cooking Light "Fresh Food, Fast Weeknight Meals" (Oxmoor House) is sure to please.
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Beef up your fiesta with burritos

Popular among Hispanics and non-Hispanics alike, Mexican cuisine can be enjoyed at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Juevos rancheros can be a great way to begin your day, tacos make an ideal and easily prepared lunch, and burritos are a fulfilling option at dinner time.
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