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Fajitas fit for a fiesta

Few types of cuisine are as beloved as Mexican cuisine.
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Look to Latin cooking to improve health

There has been much interest in Mediterranean cuisine and its possible medical benefits.
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Juan "Chi Chi" Rodriguez

The first Puerto Rican inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame, Juan "Chi Chi" Rodriguez was born in the town of Rio Piedras in 1935. Born into an impoverished family, Rodriguez soon began to work, earning money in the sugarcane fields by the time he was seven years old.

While working in the fields, Rodriguez learned he could earn more money as a caddy at a nearby golf course. During his time spent as a caddy, Rodriguez' natural gifts as a golfer started to come to light.
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Tito Puente

A musical pioneer known for fusing Latin music with jazz, Tito Puente was born in New York City in 1923. The son of Puerto Rican immigrants, Puente was a professional musician by the time he was 13.

Puente's musical education began as a child. Growing up in his native city's Spanish Harlem neighborhood, the man who would one day be referred to as "The King of Latin Music" started taking piano lessons as a child before later studying percussion. Eventually, the versatile Puente would learn to play a host of instruments, including the saxophone and the timbales.
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Jaime Escalante

Born in Bolivia in 1930, Jaime Escalante garnered international recognition in 1988, when his story was told in the acclaimed film "Stand and Deliver." The film stars Edward James Olmos as Escalante, a teacher who taught math to troubled students at a tough East Los Angeles school.

Though born in Bolivia, Escalante left his homeland in the 1960s in the hopes of finding a better life in the United States. An educator in Bolivia, Escalante taught himself English on his arrival in the states, working odd jobs along the way as he earned another college degree en route to becoming a teacher in the United States.
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