Bailouts Abound for Beauties, Too

The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar business, with American women spending thousands of dollars each year on new products and treatments. Given the current state of the economy, even self-proclaimed "beauty addicts" are rethinking what they spend on lotions and potions. The good news? There is no need to let the recession cause a beauty depression thanks to new products, old favorites and some smart solutions for under $30.
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Resolve to Avoid Injury When Exercising This Year

Of the millions of New Year's resolutions made each year, perhaps none is more repeated than the resolution to get in better shape. Each year, millions of people resolve to shed a few extra pounds or simply get healthier, with varying degrees of success.

One of the ways to ensure the resolve to get healthier is successful is to exercise safely. Veteran athletes and seasoned professional trainers all note the importance of safety when it comes to exercise. Simply diving right into exercise can be a recipe for disaster, often leading to injury, especially for those people new to exercise or returning after a long layoff.
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Tips to Shed Those Holiday Pounds

The holiday season is a time of year with many traditions, from family outings to the local Christmas tree farm to get-togethers over holiday meals to gift exchanges with coworkers. However, not all traditions are as popular as gift giving or Christmas vacations.
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Getting Fit Goes Beyond Lifting Weights

For those who aren't fitness fanatics, getting back in shape is a goal to strive for. Though rates of overweight and obesity are high, society has also grown increasingly health-conscious in the last 10-20 years, as the growing number of gyms and other fitness centers can attest.
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Easily Eliminate 100 Calories a Day

Dieting doesn't have to mean giving up everything that you love. A few simple changes here and there can trim a few calories from your daily intake -- and that can mean faster weight loss. Following one or more of these suggestions in the food and beverage choices made at home, work, school, or on the go can help cut about 100 calories each day. While 100 calories may not seem like a big thing, over the course of one year you will have saved yourself 36,500 calories in total.
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Getting the Family Into Fitness

Across the country, more and more families are embracing exercise. In addition to the physical and mental benefits of routine exercise, an added and often overlooked benefit of exercise is it's free. In light of the country's ongoing economic woes, it's no surprise so many families are reconnecting with exercise to help improve their quality of life while saving some money in the process.
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Understanding Ankle Fractures to Get the Right Treatment

Ankle fractures are one of the most common types of broken bone injuries. They also may be one of the most complex, and therefore should always be treated by an orthopedic professional to ensure healing.

The ankle is a joint of the body where three bones meet at the foot. The talus is the bone below the ankle joint. The tibia is the larger shin bone, and the fibula is the smaller outside bone of the leg. The ankle is a weight-bearing joint, and the tibia alone is responsible for carrying 90 percent of the weight-bearing pressure while walking.
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Sneak Some Exercise Into Regular Activities

Many people equate "exercise" with doing a workout video or heading to the gym. This doesn't have to be the case at all. Regular daily activities provide a lot of the exercise a person needs and can be tweaked to provide even more.
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Look Your Best for the Big Day!
Wedding Weight Loss Tips

Getting married can be a huge motivating force for losing weight and shaping up. According to Janice Rassin, National Bridal Director at Meyer Corporation, U.S., "Today's Brides begin a transformation process 8 months before their wedding day. Their first step is starting a healthy eating plan followed by a new exercise regiment. Making your own meals at home is the easiest way to balance nutrition, manage portions and cut calories."
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