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Halloween Coloring Page

Color in this picture to make a masterpiece.
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Halloween Maze

Find your way though the maze to the spider in the center.
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Making a Jack-o-Lantern Last Longer

Jack-o-lanterns are a staple of Halloween decorations. Making one last throughout the season is a trick of the trade even some veteran carvers struggle with.

People young and old head to pumpkin patches to pick out the ideal pumpkins. Some prefer perfectly round ones, while others like tall, oblong ones. Whatever the decision, the majority of these pumpkins will be brought home and turned into jack-o-lanterns, or pumpkins carved with a design.
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Deck the Halls for Halloween, Too!

A big part of the fun of Halloween is decorating for this festive season of ghouls and goblins.
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Pumpkin Cookies a Palate Pleaser for Halloween Fun

Halloween parties are a staple of many late October social calendars. While the days leading up to Halloween are often spent working on the perfect costume, Halloween party hosts also must find the right foods to put guests in that Halloween mood.
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