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Things to consider when budgeting your home improvement project

Home improvement projects have become de rigueur for today's homeowners. Be it a kitchen remodel or the ever popular man cave project, home improvement projects remain a goal for many homeowners.

As enticing as a home improvement project might be, no project can be successful until a budget has been established. The right budget will keep homeowners from going deep into debt when improving their homes, ensuring that, upon the project's completion, they can fully enjoy their revamped castles without the specter of significant debt hanging ominously over their heads.
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Think "FRESH" When Selecting Roof Colors

Thinking about a new roof for your home? Then think "FRESH." That's the advice national color expert Kate Smith recommends for homeowners considering a new roof.

"The acronym FRESH stands for fixed features, regional colors, environment, style of home and historic colors," says Smith, president of Sensational Color. "Considering these five elements can help you select the perfect roof color."
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Hardwood how to
How to clean hardwood floors

Over the years, home interior trends have continued to change. What's popular one year might seem dated the next. Hardwood floors, however, are one popular trend that has managed to maintain its popularity.

Renters and homeowners alike are head over heels for hardwood floors, enjoying their aesthetic appeal and their tendency to never go out of style, particularly when compared to other flooring alternatives. Hardwood floors can also be much easier to maintain. Whereas carpets are susceptible to hard-to-remove stains and dirt that might never go away, hardwood floors can be very easy to clean, maintaining their "good as new" look for years if homeowners take simple steps to keep them clean.
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How to hire an architect who shares your vision

Building a dream house is typically a once-in-a-lifetime endeavor. Whether that house is an oceanside manse or a log cabin in the woods, if done right, the dream house will only need to be done once.

Part of getting a dream house right is choosing the right architect to work with. Architects can help make a dream house a reality, guiding homeowners through the planning and designing of a project and, ultimately, the home's construction as well. Many people have little or no experience with architects, so it behooves men and women to learn about the process of hiring an architect and just what goes into building a dream home.
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Easy and Economical Solutions for Those Postponed Remodeling Plans

by Gale Steves

If you cannot wait any longer to make some much needed changes in your home, you are not alone. Americans are once again getting ready to begin the home improvement process. This pent-up energy often begins in the kitchen, a room that gets a lot of wear and tear but also seems to go out of fashion more quickly these days.
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Improving Energy Efficiency Tops Wish List When Remodeling Home

Homeowners concerned about high energy bills have put energy conservation home improvements at the top of their must-do list this year. They are looking for green living upgrades that save money without sacrificing space or style.

Because heating costs are typically one of the highest and most variable home expenses, homeowners are considering energy-efficient zone heating options when embarking on home renovation projects.
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Roof Envy

Have you ever wished you could have an elegant new roof like your neighbors? You may have a case of "roof envy." Don't worry, there's an easy -- and surprisingly affordable -- cure.

Thanks to advanced technologies, polymer roofs have become the "must have" roofing product for homeowners investing in new roofs. Featuring impact-resistant and energy-efficiency qualities, these man-made roofs require no maintenance and come in a wide variety of colors.
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Create a designer look on a budget

Interior designers have a knack for pulling together furniture and accessories to create rooms with widespread appeal. But not every homeowner has the resources to hire a professional to help turn their interior from drab to fab. Fortunately, it doesn't always take a pro to transform a home's interior.

The key to creating a beautiful room is planning. Designers do it and so should you. Measure the dimensions of the room and create a sketch of the area using graph paper or computer software. Be sure to plot any windows or doors on the drawing so that you will be aware of obstacles.
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