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Do It Yourself

Is DIY a recipe for saving money?

Many homeowners or renters wrestle with the question of whether to tackle a project as a do-it-yourself venture to save some money or simply leave it to a professional. Each situation is unique, but there are certain factors that must be considered regardless of a homeowner's particular situation.

On the surface, a DIY task can seem a very good way to save some money. After all, a large percentage, sometimes as much as 50 percent, of the cost of hiring a contractor goes toward labor. For a DIY job with no such costs, the final financial tally can be substantially less.
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Stop clogged home gutters

Faced with the prospect of another season spent precariously climbing a ladder and reaching inside to clear out debris and leaves, many homeowners are considering the installation of a gutter protection system. And with so many different types available, finding the right fit is always so easy.

A gutter protection system is a cover or barrier that prevents leaves and large items, such as twigs or blown-around matter, from lodging in a home's gutters and eventually preventing rain runoff from draining effectively. Clogged gutters and downspouts have been known to contribute to rainwater pooling around the foundation of a home, potentially causing seepage issues. Blocked gutters can also be a haven for stagnant water, which breeds mosquitoes and other insects and potentially harmful bacteria.
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Keys to battling ants around the house

With more than 12,000 ant species around the world, chances are most homeowners or renters will experience an ant problem at one point or another. Understanding the habits of ants can make alleviating an infestation that much easier.
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Embracing Color on Your Home

The growing trend of homeowners staying in their existing houses longer due to economic challenges has had a colorful effect on homes. People are taking the opportunity to personalize their homes more with colorful exterior accents and they're not stopping with just a splash of paint.
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Free Deck Plans Offer Inspiration and Beauty

Ever researched deck plans, only to find nothing fits your home just right? The design isn't right, it's too big for your home, it's too small for your home, it's too high off the ground, it's too low to the ground, you don't like the grill bump-out, the stairs are in the wrong place ... isn't there a deck out there that's perfect for YOUR home?
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Not All Painter's Tapes Are Created Equal
Four qualities to look for that will assure a superior paint job

Whether you're an experienced DIYer or painting your first apartment, one of the most important decisions you can make in assuring a quality paint job is the choice of painter's tape. The right painter's tape can make all the difference in achieving clean, straight paint lines, and protecting surfaces that you don't want painted, such as glass, woodwork, wallboard, ceilings, and carpeting.
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Color My Home

Show me the color! That's become one of the most common requests for homeowners in today's marketplace as people look to add more colorful features to their homes as part of remodeling and new construction projects.

"A well-chosen color scheme for a home's exterior can bring out architectural details, downplay flaws and enhance the overall look of the home," says Kate Smith, president of Sensational Color. "I always recommend starting from the top down when considering the colors for a home. Start with the roof, work down to the siding, then consider the windows, entry door and trim."
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Tips for family-friendly decorating

A glass coffee table, white leather sofa and expensive ceramic statues are popular and attractive design options. But such items are often impractical for a household with an active family. Decorating when there are one or more kids residing in a home doesn't have to mean vinyl furniture you hose down or plastic on the sofa. But smart choices can make rooms look beautiful and be functional.
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Cheap ways to freshen the house

Most people want their living spaces to smell clean and fresh. However, pets, aromas from the kitchen, cigarette smoke, and other things can make a home smell bad. Here are inexpensive ways to remedy all that.
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