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Dress up a home with an interior door remodel

With minimum remodeling savvy and a modest budget, it's possible to change some items in the home to be more in tune with personal style.

Although many homeowners gravitate toward new paint colors or furnishings to revamp the look of different rooms in the home, replacing tired-looking doors is another affordable option.
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How to maintain your whirlpool tub

When remodeling bathrooms, some homeowners prefer to add special features that give the room a spa-like feel. A whirlpool tub is one such feature that can help transform an ordinary bathroom into a relaxing oasis.

Whirlpool tubs have many benefits, which have helped the industry become a billion-dollar business. Massage and water therapy can be instrumental in reducing stress and easing tired muscles. Some people depend on a soaking bath with rejuvenating water jet propulsion as part of a sports rehab regiment or to alleviate pain associated with arthritis.
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Keep Your Home Exterior in Top Shape

Feel like cheating? Forget what the inside of your home looks like for just a bit and focus on your home's exterior.

"The exterior of your home makes a lasting and daily impression on your friends and family, along with your neighbors," says Mark Clement, professional contractor and host of MyFixItUpLife home improvement radio show. "While the weather is good, my advice is to get outside and fix up problem areas, work on the landscaping and invest in products that make your home's exterior not only look great, but work great."
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Customize Your Home To Suit Your Lifestyle

Homeowners who opt to stay in their homes rather than buy new ones or those who need to reallocate space to accommodate an extended family can create a "new" living environment tailored to their tastes and needs with some well-planned changes. Check out the following Woodcraft tips and tools to help you.
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Radon, a potentially deadly foe

When buying a home, many prospective buyers hope to find a relatively new property. Rather than purchase an older home with all the warts and problems that often accompany such properties, many buyers want to find a home that won't require immediate maintenance or upgrades.

Another reason buyers often prefer newer homes is the sense of safety such homes provide. Newer homes were built in accordance with newer laws designed to protect home buyers from dangers that might once have gone unnoticed. For example, in 1978 the U.S. federal government banned the use of lead paint in homes. Buyers, as a result, might be comfortable buying homes built post-1978, believing such homes are safer than those built before the law was enacted.
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Did you know?

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that comes from the decay of uranium found in most soils. Radon can enter the home by moving up through the ground and into the air above before moving into a home in a variety of ways, including through cracks in solid floors, through construction joints and through cracks in walls.
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Ready your home for the months ahead

As the seasons change once again, homeowners across the country are preparing their homes for the days that lie ahead. Though spring cleaning gets the glory, homeowners must now make a similar effort when the warm weather draws to a close. With indoor seasons on the horizon, a clean and healthy home is essential to making it through the coming months safe and sound. The following cleaning tips can help homeowners get their homes ready for the cooler weather and days spent indoors away from the elements.
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Make indoor mold growth a distant memory

Homeowners who have had prior issues with mold know just how pesky a mold problem can be. When mold spores land on surfaces that are wet, mold may begin to grow indoors. And the growth of mold takes just a matter of hours. According to the National Association of Home Builders, all it takes is 48 hours for a moist environment combined with room temperature to produce mold growth.

When mold does begin to grow, homeowners will notice a less-than-welcoming aroma often characterized as musty. In addition, mold growth, which is most common in areas of the home like the kitchen, bathroom and basement where humidity and moisture levels are higher, can be unsightly and unhealthy. In 2004, the Institute of Medicine linked indoor exposure to mold with upper respiratory tract symptoms, cough and wheeze in people who, prior to exposure, were healthy. The IOM also found exposure to mold can exacerbate asthma conditions for people who already have asthma and even linked respiratory illness in otherwise healthy children to exposure to mold.
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Decorating a screened-in porch

A screened-in porch or a three-season room can be a welcome space that adds viable living area to a house. Oftentimes, these rooms serve as a bridge between the indoors and outside, and they can offer the creature comforts of any other room in the home. Just as they would a bedroom or family room, many homeowners prefer to decorate this area so it doesn't look like an extension of the backyard, instead showcasing the homeowner's personal style.
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