Fun, Family Event

At-home entertaining can be fun and easy when you pick a theme everyone will love. Movies transcend many generations, and can prove the ideal backdrop for a special night under the stars with friends and family.

Host a movie night in the backyard. All that's needed is some equipment (which may be rented or borrowed from someone with access to AV equipment), a movie of choice and some tasty refreshments.
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Indoor Entertaining Success

Not every homeowner or renter has an expansive backyard in which to host a bash. Certainly yards are convenient for entertaining. However, indoor socialization can be just as enjoyable and weather is never an issue.
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Stocking the Home Bar

Plenty of at-home entertainers choose to try their skills as amateur mixologists at cocktail parties and other social occasions. The key to honing one's skills is having the right tools on hand -- and that includes the staples of any home bar.

A person can choose to have a limited bar, where he or she only mixes a few favorite drinks, or something that is sure to have the ingredients for an array of cocktails friends will enjoy.
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The Green Party: Hosting an Eco-Friendly Get-Together

Today's party hosts and partygoers are increasingly eco-conscious. With so much emphasis on protecting the planet and preserving resources, party hosts are under pressure to throw a party that's not only fun, but earth-friendly as well.

Though it might seem a tall order to plan a party and do so with the planet in mind, that's not the case at all. Fortunately, it's easy for hosts to plan a party that's both guest- and earth-friendly.
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Make Your Own Party Pinata

Pinatas can be a fun addition to any party. Guests young and old enjoy taking turns whacking at a pinata to release the treats held inside.

Many party stores carry a selection of pinatas that may fit the theme of the party. However, store-bought pinatas tend to be expensive. It's relatively easy to make one's own pinata from some simple ingredients that may already be in the home.
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How to Get People to RSVP

One common problem when hosting a party is sending out invitations only to have a handful of people actually respond. There are ways to entice others to say "yea" or "nay" to the invite.
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Did You Know?

Arguably the most widely known song in the English language, "Happy Birthday to You" is credited to a pair of Kentucky sisters. Mildred J. Hill, a schoolteacher, and her sister, Dr. Patty Smith Hill, a principal at the school where Mildred taught, both get credit for writing and composing a song titled "Good Morning to All." Patty Hill is credited with the lyrics and Mildred with the music for the song, which was first published in 1893 in the book "Song Stories for the Kindergarten."
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Handmade Party Invitations Provide Pizzazz

Planning a party requires several steps, the most important of which might be inviting the guests. The standard protocol is sending out invitations to announce the event.
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8 Host or Hostess Gift Ideas

When friends or family members choose to open their homes to others, it is customary for guests to offer a gift of thanks in return.

There is the old adage that guests should "knock with their feet" when arriving at a party or social event. This means their hands will be busy carrying a gift or something that can contribute to the event.
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