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'Fig'ure Out How to Get Figs Into Your Diet

Figs are tasty fruits that boast many health benefits. They can be an important component of a balanced diet.

Figs have been grown and enjoyed for centuries. Native to the Middle East, figs grow on a ficus tree and come in different varieties. The fruit ranges dramatically in color and subtly in texture depending on the variety enjoyed. Turkey, Greece and even California are the top fig producers in the world.
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Dust a potentially harmful houseguest

No one enjoys the presence of dust in a home. In addition to being an eyesore, excessive dust in a home can make it hard to breathe and could potentially affect human health as well. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, lead contaminated dust is one of the most common sources of lead poisoning. Typically formed when lead-based paint is dry scraped, dry sanded or heated, lead dust, when settled, can re-enter the air when a floor is vacuumed or swept.

As much of a nuisance and health risk as dust can be, it can also be easily remedied. Homeowners hoping to rid their homes of dust can take the following measures.
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Understanding Vitamin D Deficiency

Spending significant time indoors could lead to a condition with some very negative side effects. Vitamin D has long been called the sunshine vitamin because it is largely produced in the body after absorption of the sun's rays. Without exposure to the sun, then it's very easy for a person to develop vitamin D deficiency, a condition affecting roughly 40 percent of the American public.

Many people understand vitamin D's role in promoting bone health, helping the body use the calcium consumed for strong bones. Vitamin D has often been linked to rickets, a condition in which bone tissue does not properly mineralize, resulting in weak, soft bones.
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Simple ways to reduce cancer risk

Millions of people have had their lives touched by cancer. Whether dealing with their own diagnosis or that of a loved one, men and women often wonder what, if anything, they can do or could have done to prevent cancer from becoming a part of their lives.

While cancer risk depends on a host of factors, some of which are beyond an individual's control, there are certain preventative measures men and women can take to reduce their risk of cancer.
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Learn the Different Mouth Sores

Mouth sores can be painful, embarrassing and annoying. Not all mouth sores are the same, however. Learning about the causes can enable a person to find relief or prevent them in the first place.
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Did You Know?

The UV Index indicates the strength of solar ultraviolet radiation on a scale of 1 to 11+. A UV index of 1 is low while 11+ is considered extremely high. The ozone layer plays an important role in determining the UV index. Responsible for shielding the planet from harmful UV radiation, the ozone layer has been depleted to the point that it can be very unsafe for human beings to spend ample time in the sun.
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