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Cure on the horizon for prostate cancer?

A human vaccine for prostate cancer has been successfully used in lab mice to cure the disease, prompting some to suggest a cure for men suffering from prostate cancer is on the horizon.

A report published in the journal Nature Medicine states that researchers in the United Kingdom and those at the Mayo Clinic in the United States created a therapy that cured prostate cancer in mice with no apparent side effects. The treatment works in much the same way that other vaccinations work for various diseases.
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Cookies for Cancer Survivors

For those who have survived cancer, finding foods they can eat and also enjoy might not be as easy as it once was. But thanks to Rebecca Katz, author and founder of Inner Cook, a culinary business focused on teaching individuals and communities how to make healthy connections with food, finding delicious foods cancer survivors can enjoy is now easier.
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Signs and symptoms that might indicate cancer

Cancer is a disease so complex that even the most veteran of cancer researchers cannot fully explain the disease. Progress toward the diagnosis and treatment of cancer continues to be made, but there's still no telling if an individual will or won't get this potentially deadly disease.
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Understanding cancer clusters

Each year, more than 1,000 suspected cancer clusters are reported to state departments across the United States. Not exclusive to the U.S., cancer clusters can occur anywhere, and notable cancer clusters throughout history have included a scrotal cancer cluster among 18th century chimney sweeps in London, skin cancer clusters in farmers and a leukemia cluster in Massachusetts that inspired the book and film A Civil Action.
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Origin of cancer not always known

When diagnosed with cancer, patients are typically informed where the cancer is or, when the cancer is in an advanced stage, where it started. However, in some instances doctors struggle to determine the origin of a cancer in the body.
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