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Pet Potpourri

Misconceptions About Big and Small Dogs

Do you yearn for a big dog? Will a toy breed make you smile? Individual preferences in dog breeds are as varied as society itself. People have firm opinions on the different types of dogs out there, including misconceptions about certain breeds and what the size of a dog says about the animal.
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Is Pet Insurance Worth the Money?

Pet owners do not share a universal opinion on pet insurance. Whether an owner thinks it's worth the investment or would rather take his chances with out-of-pocket costs, all pet owners understand why it exists. Pet care can prove very expensive over time.
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Eco-Friendly Cat Litter

On the surface, cats have relatively small carbon footprints. They don't drive gas guzzlers, their smaller statures mean they generally consume less food than dogs and, for the most part, they self-groom. However, cats use a litter box for their business and all of that discarded litter and waste can be an environmental hazard depending on the type of litter used. Litter is often scooped and disposed of in plastic bags, which don't decompose, compounding the problem.
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Did You Know?

Men and women aren't the only ones who can experience some unfortunate side effects of gas accumulation in their stomachs. Flatulence can plague man's best friend as well. Though it might not be pleasant, a dog's flatulence is rarely indicative of any serious health problem. Instead, flatulence occurs when bacteria breaks down certain types of food and gas accumulates as a result.
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Snails: Fish Tank Friends AND Foes

The home aquarium enthusiast hopes his or her fish tank is one that enables marine life to happily grow inside of its confined perimeters. An aquarium that is relatively self-sufficient, requiring only routine cleaning and feeding, is often the goal.
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Labrador Retrievers Most Popular Purebred Pooch

According to the American Kennel Club®, in 2009 the Labrador Retriever was once again the most popular purebred dog in the United States. That marked the 19th consecutive year Americans embraced Labs more than any other purebred dog.
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