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Healthy Pets

Fitness for Fido
Keep Man's Best Friend Healthy

Dog owners are well aware that caring for man's best friend has taken on a greater responsibility in recent years. Perhaps that's a result of the popularity of the cable channel Animal Planet or the television show "The Dog Whisperer," each of which has helped to educate dog owners about caring for their canines.
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How to Avoid Pet Parasites

Each year, thousands of pets are welcomed into homes across the country. Pet parents know that part of having a companion pet means safeguarding the animal's health and well being. Ensuring the dog, cat, bird, etc., is free of harmful parasites and illnesses is part of being a responsible pet owner.
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High Cholesterol Affects Pets Also

High cholesterol is commonly considered a problem that only affects animals of the human persuasion. However, high cholesterol levels can also compromise the cardiovascular health of pets as well.
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Oral Care Essential for Dogs' Health

Dogs, like people, are living longer thanks to advancements in preventative health care. That means that illnesses and parasites that once were the culprit behind a short life span are no longer the threats they once were. Now oral health care issues have become a leading problem for dogs. Fortunately, such problems are largely preventable.
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End-of-Life Care for Pets

Arguably no aspect of pet ownership is more difficult to cope with than end-of-life care. Be it an elderly pet or one recently diagnosed with a terminal disease, pets are a part of the family no one wants to lose.
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Submissive Urination ... What Is It?

Some dogs urinate as a way to show loyalty and submissiveness to their owners. It's not an issue of housebreaking, but can be a nuisance nonetheless. Understanding the behavior can help alleviate it.
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Help Fido Fend Off Ticks

With spring on the horizon, pet owners are once again preparing to let their dogs spend more time outdoors. Just like adults, dogs no doubt look forward to the return of warm weather after a long winter spent largely indoors.
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