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Did You Know?

Men and women aren't the only ones who can experience some unfortunate side effects of gas accumulation in their stomachs. Flatulence can plague man's best friend as well. Though it might not be pleasant, a dog's flatulence is rarely indicative of any serious health problem. Instead, flatulence occurs when bacteria breaks down certain types of food and gas accumulates as a result. Dog owners know that Fido's flatulence can be especially unsettling, and one way dog owners can avoid this fetid assault on the senses is to look for dog foods without too many fillers or artificial preservatives. Such ingredients are unhealthy and are often found in cheap or low-quality dog food. Table scraps and overdoing it with doggy treats can also cause flatulence. For dog owners who feed their dogs healthy foods yet still find themselves with a gassy pooch, that flatulence could be indicative of a larger, more serious medical issue or might be a side effect of certain medications the dog is on. Such dog owners should consult their dog's veterinarian with any concerns.