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Eco-Friendly Cat Litter

On the surface, cats have relatively small carbon footprints. They don't drive gas guzzlers, their smaller statures mean they generally consume less food than dogs and, for the most part, they self-groom. However, cats use a litter box for their business and all of that discarded litter and waste can be an environmental hazard depending on the type of litter used. Litter is often scooped and disposed of in plastic bags, which don't decompose, compounding the problem.

In the past, finding eco-friendly cat litters was hard to come by. Today, many of the products on store shelves are environmentally friendly, and many brands offer eco-conscious cat owners a host of options.

Shoppers can consider a clumping product, in which waste is flushed down the toilet and the box is not frequently dumped. Environmental products like shredded newspapers, recycled paper, corn husks, peanut shells, and even garden mulch can be used as litter. Some people choose to bury the used litter in the yard to naturally decompose instead of putting it in the trash.