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Healthy Pets

Oral Care Essential for Dogs' Health

Dogs, like people, are living longer thanks to advancements in preventative health care.
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Pet Potpourri

Snails: Fish Tank Friends AND Foes

The home aquarium enthusiast hopes his or her fish tank is one that enables marine life to happily grow inside of its confined perimeters.
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Pet Ownership

Do's and Don'ts of Pet Adoption

Adopting a pet is a selfless act thousands and thousands of animal lovers commit each and every year. Caring for an animal can be a rewarding experience, and adopting a pet from a local shelter often makes the bond between pet and pet owner that much stronger.

As rewarding as adopting a pet can be, there is a right way and a wrong way to approach pet adoption. Before signing any papers, consider the following do's and don'ts of pet adoption.
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Cat Care Tips for First Time Owners

Caring for a pet often requires a level of commitment that can be eye-opening for first-time pet owners. And as any cat owner can attest, caring for a cat with no prior experience could be a confusing experience.

First-time cat owners looking to survive the experience and raise a healthy and happy cat should consider the following cat care tips.
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Cat vs. Dog: Find the Right Fit for You

Few acts are more selfless than adopting a pet. Particularly in these trying economic times, making the emotional and financial commitment to a pet is an admirable decision.
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What to Do When a Pet Runs Away

We give them shelter, affection, food, and entertaining toys. But once the front door opens, some pets have their minds set on escape. A cat may dart, a dog may sneak. Either way, getting outdoors unattended can spell trouble.
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